Panoval in Vietnam is a highly modern coating operation. To reduce the impact the business has on the environment it has put in place the following features:

- The entire building is built with Large gas concrete bricks. It reduces the material needed, Has a better insulation performance against heat and cold, and the best fire retardant performance of any other construction materials.
- The company uses Thermo pane double window systems to reduce the energy needed to air condition most areas of the building.
- All office lighting is automated. Panoval is a lightswitch free enterprise
- Panoval Generates and consumes 1 megawatt of power per year on its custom built roof structure. The roof itself is also insulated to avoid overheating
- Powersharing  allows Panoval to channel energy to specific machine, making it possible to produce entirely carbon neutral (coating, slitting and packaging).

Our equipment and waste management:

- Panoval uses state of the art machinery, with up to date energy consumption of all power sources used
- The noise levels are also much lower (under 70 dB)
- Waste is split and compacted in 3 different categories
- Chemical waste is collected and resold to industries downstream is special totes.
- All pallet systems are made of durable materials (steel and plastics)
- All internal transport systems are battery powered
- Air conditioning and cooling systems are Freon free and recycled air is used to cool down parts of the factory that are not air conditioned.
- All entry doors and gates are  equipped with rubber seals. (no dust in the factory at all)

Sourcing strategy and sustainability:

- Panoval only sources raw materials that respond to reputable international recognized standards.
- Our chemicals are free of heavy metals