Panoval in brief

Panoval label S. A was established in 1991 in Switzerland. The company supplied a wide array of specialist and standard label stocks for the label converting market worldwide. The flexibility in designing products to clients requirements and the agility with which the design and production process were conducted, allowed Panoval to become a leading supplier of specialist non standard label stock, and with an unusual short time to market contributed to that success.

Panoval Global (Cyrus) Limited is a subsidiary of Prudentia Capital (Cyprus) Limited and was co-founded and is co-owned by former junior executives of Panoval Label S.A. Panoval Global’s first goal has been to create Panoval (Asia) in Vietnam. Since its registration in 2017, Panoval (Asia) has built a factory near Ho Chi Minh City, installed multiple coating lines and constructed an ISO class 7 certified cleanroom for high end products displaying the latest in coating technology.

Shareholder Structure

Majority Shareholder is Prudentia Capital (Cyprus) Ltd. (PCC).

PCC is an industrial conglomerate and has economic activities across different industries and geographical country markets such as Vietnam, Portugal and Germany. Ultimate beneficial owners of PCC are members of a German, Portugal-based family.

You can visit the PCC website:

Panoval Asia Head Office


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